Grass grid

Professional Services

Designed Grass Field

Irrigation Installation/Design

JBL provides this service to all clients. This is part of a big initiative that aims to come up with ideas for projects that are smart and fully sustainable. As a renowned architect, this professional is invested in using their skills to make the world a better place, one project at a time.


Landscape Design

Form and function are two elements that are present in the planning process of every project that JBL takes on. It’s easy to build something pretty, but the real challenge lies in optimizing both the beauty and the functionality of newly designed structures. This service contributes to the overarching goal of the architect, who aims to improve lives through smart design.

Designed Backyard

Property/Service Management

This service is inspired by the perceived importance of creating a lasting visual and functional impact on all projects that JBL works on. This focus is present from the preliminary design right up to the proposal phase. All clients are aware of this professional’s devotion to smart and functional cities.